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We provide compliance projects, consultancy, and cyber security services in personal data protection to private companies and public institutions.

Information Technologies Law (Data Protection–Cyber Security)

To ensure compliance with KVKK/GDPR legislation processes, we offer a comprehensive project design, on-site supervision, and continuing consulting services.

Since the digitalized world has become an integral part of the automated personnel management processes, social media usage, sales and marketing activities: compliance with KVKK and GDPR had become a compulsory process that requires professional support. For this reason, it is essential to establish data inventory and processing policies, identify risks, and prevent data loss.


With our expert team, experienced in both law and engineering, we support the legislative compliance processes with cyber security services and embrace a practical and technical perspective in accordance with the requirements of the age. While managing the compliance processes, we use LegalTech software which is developed and constantly updated by our team.

We manage all processes within the scope of confidentiality obligation, taking into account the sensitivities of our clients regarding data security and privacy. We closely follow international legislation and recent developments and aim to create sustainable policies in our consulting services and compliance projects for our clients.



We conduct three different stages of service in information technologies:  adaptation to personal data protection processes, continuous consultancy, and cyber security:


Compliance Services for Protection of Personal Data

Project: The units of the firm/public institution are determined. The files, information, documents, printed forms and contracts kept by the units are examined. Meetings are made with the unit managers. Collected data are transferred to the software. Inventory, legal texts, privacy and processing policies, revisions are prepared. Relevant personnel are trained. VERBIS registration is completed.

Consultancy: Project steps are conducted in a lengthy period. Additional services such as on-site inspection, participation in the audit, and execution of the institution's processes are provided. VERBIS registration is completed.

DPIA: Project steps are carried out in line with the GDPR and other legislation. Data are determined, risk analysis is performed and recommendations are given.


Cyber ​​Security

Risks and security measures are assessed for executing cyber security audits. Documents and procedures to be used in case of infringement are prepared. Disputes and judicial processes are carried out before the institution.


1- Preparation Process

Asset 1.png

2- Documentation Review

Asset 1.png

3- Meeting with the Authorities

Asset 1.png

4- Integration into JRS System

Asset 1.png

5- Verbis Registration

Asset 1.png

6- Preparation/Revision of Text, Policy, Contracts

Asset 1.png

7- Project Delivery and Training Processes

Asset 1.png


KVKK Project

Asset 1.png

KVKK Consulting Documents

Asset 1.png


Asset 1.png

Our GDPR (DPIA) Product

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Cyber Security Consulting Services

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In 2019, 376,306 DPO (Data Protection Officer) appointment applications were made to be appointed to private companies in 12 European Union member countries, especially in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain.


International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP)

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