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E-Commerce and E-Export sector is the sector where national and international dimensions of online trade channels are examined. E-Commerce in national markets through online channels; E-Export, on the other hand, covers transactions and operations involving sales and marketing of national products and services in international markets through online channels.

In our industry-specific work, we provide the following values:

  • Management of Establishment Permit, Operating Permit and Licensing Processes

  • Following Administrative and Legal Processes with Regulatory and Supervisory Institutions

  • Management and Audit of Compliance Processes

E-Commerce and E-Export

Sektör Aktöleri

Sector Actors Served

E-Commerce Marketplaces

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E-Commerce Brands

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Logistics Companies

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Customs Companies

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E-Money and Payment Institutions

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Digital Marketing Companies

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Our Industry-Specific Services

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Electronic Message Management System (EMS)

Preparation and Revision of Contracts for E-Commerce Sites

Trust Stamp Registration

Management of Marketplaces Policies and Procedures Compliance Processes and Monitoring of Administrative and Litigation

Legal Support of Opening Processes to International Marketplaces

Preparation of E-Commerce / E-Export Transaction Guides

Electronic Money and Payment Institutions Operating Permit and Licensing Processes

Management of E-Commerce Brands Against Unfair Competition

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