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We determine the legal status of companies and offer appropriate compliance and consultancy services.

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Corporate Law and Corporate Governance

We identify the legal status of companies and provide appropriate compliance and consultancy services.

We carry out activities for the establishment of the legal infrastructure related to companies’ business and management processes and provide continuous consultancy services thereof.

As a consequence of the changing and developing world, describing and adapting to legal regulations covering new lines of business and job descriptions are very dynamic and complex processes. By all means, conducting these processes with professional legal support would prevent disputes and loss of rights.

​With our professional team and interdisciplinary approach, we provide compliance and consultancy services in line with the business management process and needs of companies; We operate in line with honesty, transparency, accountability, and competence principles within the scope of national and international legislation.

We identify the legal status of the company, plan and carry out consultancy and corporate management services suited to company needs.



Due diligence processes related to the target company;

  • Corporate Governance,

  • Sectoral and Functional Legal Compliance,

  • Contract Reviews,

  • Human Resources,

  • Intellectual and Industrial Property,

  • Real Estate and Securities,

  • Insurance,

  • Lawsuits and proceedings,

The current status of the company is assessed and reported under precedent subjects.

The scope of the consultancy service is determined in line with the deficiencies identified within the report.

To eliminate deficiencies within a legal framework, continuous consultancy activities are carried out methodologically.

Information notes comprising contract reviews to which the company is a party are presented when providing consultancy services.

The work carried out is reported to the company at an appropriate time and frequency and presented to the company through scheduled meetings.

Litigation processes of the disputes to which the company is a party are monitored upon request.

Training the employees for laying a permanent and sustainable foundation in the company.


1- Due Diligence Report

Asset 1.png

2- Detection of Deficiencies

Asset 1.png

3- Determination of the Strategy

Asset 1.png

4- Providing Consultancy Service Regarding Strategy

Asset 1.png

5- Examination of Contracts

Asset 1.png

6- Submission of Reports

Asset 1.png

7- Dispute Litigation

Asset 1.png

8- Educational Activities

Asset 1.png


Due Diligence Report

Asset 1.png

Consultancy Documents

Asset 1.png


Asset 1.png

Turkey in 2020; It has been reported that 94,234 companies have been established with a total capital volume of 44,457,911,752 (approximately forty-four and a half billion Turkish lira).


(TOBB, Directorate of Information, Access: November 2020)


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