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The Venture Capital sector is the sector where the investment processes of the actors that are the subject of venture capital investments are examined. It is an alternative financing model that startups and investors targeting ventures use to improve their investment processes.

In our industry-specific work, we provide the following values:

  • Management of Establishment Permit, Operating Permit and Licensing Processes

  • Following Administrative and Legal Processes with Regulatory and Supervisory Institutions

  • Management and Audit of Compliance Processes

Venture Capital

Sektör Aktöleri

Sector Actors Served

Angel Investors

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Venture Capital Investment Trusts

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Venture Capital Mutual Funds

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Our Industry-Specific Services

Institutional Due Diligence and Investment Readiness Review

International Contract Consulting (Technology and Share Transfer Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, etc.)

Follow-up of International Investment Processes

Execution of Foreign Investors' Transactions in Compliance with Turkish Legislation

Sektöre Özgü Hizmetlerimiz

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