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Hakimin Masası

Core Values and Main Principles

The reason for Juris existence is basically to be "free". Our goal is to provide value in the areas we love, with the people we are happy to work together by going beyond time and space constraints. With our dedicated efforts, we aim to improve ourselves in providing “happiness, success and value" with courage and determination.

How Does Juris Provide Value?

In order to fulfill its purpose of existence, Juris offers services to its clients with a multi-disciplinary perspective and capacity in line with the needs of sector by using the opportunities provided by technology at the highest level of international service quality standards. Juris utilizes team awareness to create value through its entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm by continuously improving its academic knowledge for its services. ​

  • By defining the content and quality of its services in international standards, Juris observes the same quality standard for domestic and foreign clients.

  • Juris benefits up-to-date legal technologies in setting the framework and providing of its services on various online and offline platforms, constantly increasing its digital interactions with clients. On the other hand, Juris aims to provide additional value to its available legal services with help of its own legal technologies software.

  • Juris attaches importance to the areas that intersect with law and follows disciplines such as foreign trade, economics and informatics. Juris makes use of multi-disciplinary knowledge aims to add value to its legal services.

  • Understanding the sectors in which its clients operate at a strategic and operational level; Juris determines sector-specific legislative requirements. Juris develops preventive law and dispute resolution strategies in accordance with the client's industry and needs.

  • Strategic legal consultancy principles based on academic knowledge are applied in each process related to the identification of problems, selection and execution of solution methods. Juris supports postgraduate and doctoral studies of its employees and considers regular follow-up of national-international academic publications as indispensable for applying its values.

  • Juris consists of professional lawyers working with the entrepreneurial spirit. Juris provides clients the confidence of meeting with an institution and the interest and dedication it feels to be in contact with the private law department.

What Does Juris Do To Create Value?

Juris aims to provide well-defined services to its clients in its service areas. For each service; the stages of performance and the value ​​provided for the service are continuously shared with the client. Believing in the importance of managing a correct, effective and transparent process with its clients, Juris communicates directly with the client at every stage, in order to develop its services at the best standards.

Juris; aims to provide national and international value in the sectors of interest. It determines the needs of clients in the sector and determines the correct compliance procedures. Working closely with public institutions and organizations, it constantly keeps up with the current regulations brought by the sectors on the agenda. It develops client-specific services for each sector it works in and produces answers that directly address each need.

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