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We provide consultancy and process management services to buyer and seller parties in merger and acquisition projects.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions require the effective management of complex legal processes. Thus it is essential to seek consultation from legal professionals for conducting negotiations on the agreement terms, efficient handling of the legal structuring processes and thoroughly analyzing the legal assets of the before purchase or sale of the company for ensuring the best outcomes, avoiding the potential legal disputes and loss of rights.


Our expert team with multidisciplinary approach provide services in line with the principles of integrity, transparency, accountability and competency in order to determine and implement effective solutions in accordance with the needs and demands of buyers and sellers.


We apply the project management principles in handling the entire merger and acquisition processes.



Merger and acquisition projects start with the preparation process. At this stage, the steps are defined based on thorough assessment of companies’ structures that takes place for determining their suitability for the planned project.


Subsequently, a Due Diligence process is conducted for the purposes of establishing buyers’ and sellers’ companies’ current status.


In the ongoing process, legal assistance is provided during the negotiations conducted between the parties, and a definitive share transfer agreement is drafted and revised in the agreed form.


Following the complete drafting of the share transfer agreement, closing steps get started and processes are reported to the client. At this stage, necessary legal processes before the public agencies and organizations or between companies are conducted, and the new organizational structure is formed.


In case of need, reports that ensure sectoral legal compliance regarding the fields that companies are involved can be prepared.


1- Preparation Process

Asset 1.png

2- Legal Due Diligence Process

Asset 1.png

3- Negotiation Process

Asset 1.png

4- Share Transfer Agreement Preparation and Revision

Asset 1.png

5- Closing Procedures

Asset 1.png

6- Post-Share Restructuring Transactions

Asset 1.png


Legal Due Diligence Report

Asset 1.png

Share Transfer Agreement

Asset 1.png

Closing Report

Asset 1.png

Sectoral Legal Compliance Report

Asset 1.png

In 2019, a total of 208 mergers and acquisitions were examined by the Competition Authority. These examinations included 91 target companies which are established in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey. The total transaction value of these reported transactions is approximately 42 billion 863 million TL.

(Competition Authority 2019 Merger & Acquisition Outlook)

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