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We conduct case management activities in line with the needs of our clients regarding the legal fields that we offer services.

Case Management

We carry out the necessary actions to settle disputes with the method that aims for the highest legal benefit.

Case management refers to the process of asserting the necessary legal reasons for the dispute parties' interests within the scope of the freedom to claim rights, to reach the results of the request before the court.


With our expert team and interdisciplinary approach, we determine the legal strategy suitable for our clients’ demands and carry out the procedures for the outcome of the request in line with the principles of transparency and accountability by our operative and fast methods.

We carry out the necessary legal activities for settling legal disputes to which our clients are a party.



Determining the dispute and clarifying the result of the request by negotiating with the client,

Determining the effective and fast legal strategy suitable for the dispute,     

Using the alternative dispute resolutions, if applicable,

Obtaining approval from the client,     

Representing the client in the initiation and execution of the necessary legal process in line with the approval received,

Periodic reporting of the processes to the client.     


1- Client Interview

Asset 1.png

2- Determining Strategy

Asset 1.png

3- Execution of Legal Processes

Asset 1.png

4- Reporting

Asset 1.png


Effective Legal Strategy

Asset 1.png

Transparent Legal Process Management

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Follow-up of Transactions Based on Demand Result

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When Turkey established its principal commercial court in 2019 according to the types of cases in general, the first in lawsuits filed 23 277 the number of case cancellation of objection by 30.6%, while the second row of 14 790 the number of cases constitute lawsuits by 19.4%. In the cases resolved, the first place is 29 470 cases with 29.1%, and the second is the cancellation of the objection 25 369 cases with 25.1% compensation cases. 


Graph 3.2.6 Commercial Courts of First Instance, Case Type Decision Rates, %, 2019, General Directorate of Criminal Records and Statistics


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