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We protect the ideas and works of individuals by providing consultancy services regarding applications, registrations, objections, observations, licensing, valuation, social media objection of the related consulting and advisory services relating to the conduct of the judicial process, before national and international institutions.

Intellectual and Industrial Property

We provide consultancy and support services for the management of local and international application and dispute processes, the protection of intellectual and industrial rights, especially contracts and arbitration.


Operations and processes relating to intellectual and industrial property rights require legal expertise due to the constantly developing and changing form as well as the international nature of the area. National, regional, and international authorities in the functioning of each differ, and these differences, while coordinating the harmonization process in the local office, should be analyzed with rigor.


The intellectual and industrial property consists of two different disciplines, technical and legal. Therefore, we operate with a team that has both legal and engineering experience on a national and international basis. We closely follow the developments in practice and academia, and we offer legal consultancy not only for the operations before the judicial authority but also technical activities such as transfer, valuation, drawing, observation, and report.



There are different service groups in the field of intellectual property:

Individual Services

Industrial property observation, national/regional/international application and registration processes,



Employee invention,

Linked rights and contracts,



Social media objection,

Technical drawing,

Due diligence & portfolio.


Execution of all processes including renewal, objection, observation, consultancy for contracts and legal transactions from the application.



1- Demand, Meeting

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2- Observation, Reporting

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3- Application, Observation, Objection, Registration

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4- Judicial Processes

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5- Contract Preparation, Revision

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National/International Registration and Judicial Processes

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Contract Consultancy on Intellectual and Industrial Rights

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Purchase and Registration Processes for Domain Names

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Linked Rights

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Wipo Arbitration

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Drawing and Reporting Consultancy

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License, Transfer, Due Diligence & Portfolio Transactions

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In the first half of 2020, 71.753 trademarks, 20.730 designs, 8.344 patents, 159 geographical signs and 1.733 utility model applications were filed before Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) announced that Turkish Patent is one of the most active authorities among international application and examination authorities and ranked 9th in patent research reports.


Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, 2020

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