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We provide process management, litigation and consultancy services in arbitration proceedings.

Arbitration (National-International)

We duly conduct both national and international arbitration proceedings to the best interest of our client.


Arbitration proceedings are favored because they require expertise in the area of dispute, the processes are faster and more practical than domestic courts, and privacy is at the forefront while settling the dispute between the parties. In terms of national and international arbitration, each stage should be monitored meticulously since the rules are based on the will of the parties to a great extent.


With our expert team and interdisciplinary approach, we carry out devoted work in accordance with our principles of honesty, transparency, accountability, and competence in order to determine and implement effective solutions according to the needs and demands of the client. With our national and international studies in the field, we combine knowledge and experience and manage an innovative and detailed process.


We aim to make the process run as effective as possible, in a client centered manner.



Arbitration is a private process where disputing parties agree that one or several individuals who are specialists in their field, can make a decision about the dispute. The arbitration process begins before the dispute arises. The will of arbitration is demonstrated by including an arbitration clause in the contracts signed by the parties. Therefore, the parties are required to anticipate future disputes according to their interests, and the arbitration clause in the contract should be carefully constructed first.


In the event of a dispute, the demands of the parties are determined by preliminary research when designating the nature of the dispute, the resolution methods, and the law to be applied to the dispute.


By ensuring continuous coordination with the client, the process is explained, and the necessary work on arbitration and response to arbitration request, the establishment of the arbitral tribunal is carried out according to the type of arbitration specified in the contract.


After the application, the studies on the written stage, oral stage, and evidence submission stages are maintained. Particularly at this point, our team deepens the process by conducting doctrine and case law studies.


After the arbitral tribunal makes the decision, recognition and enforcement of this decision or the request for annulment of the decision is carried out.


1- Preparation Process

Asset 1.png

2- Preliminary Research Process

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3- Request of Arbitration & Commencement of Arbitral Proceeding

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4- Written Stage Preparation

Asset 1.png

5- Submission of Evidence

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6- Oral Stage Preparation

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7- Recognition and Enforcement of the Award

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Detailed Status Report

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Management of the Process

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Recognition and Enforcement of the Arbitral Award

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In 2019, 869 new arbitration cases were registered with the Secretariat of the ICC International Court of Arbitration ('Secretariat' and 'ICC Court', respectively), of which 851 cases under the ICC Rules of Arbitration and 18 under the ICC Appointing Authority Rules. This is the second highest number of newly-registered cases behind the record figure of 966 cases reached in 2016, with 135 related small-claim cases arising from a collective dispute.


ICC Dispute Resolution 2019 Statistics

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