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This sector provides services for the production, processing, distribution and transmission of energy resources in accordance with the provisions of the relevant legislation, under the supervision of regulatory and supervisory institutions.

We provide the following values ​​in our industry-specific work:

  • Management of Establishment Permit, Operating Permit and Licensing Processes

  • Following Administrative and Legal Processes with Regulatory and Supervisory Institutions

  • Management and Audit of Compliance Processes

Energy and Infrastructure

Sektör Aktöleri

Sector Actors Served

Legal Entities Operating in the Energy Sector

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Financial Institutions and Organizations

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Manufacturers and Project Owners

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Our Industry-Specific Services

Managing Licensing Processes

Management and Monitoring of Corporate Governance and Compliance Processes

Legal Consultancy

Establishment and Follow-up of Inspection and Harmonization Processes of Waste Management Companies

Sektöre Özgü Hizmetlerimiz

Contact Persons

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