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Hakimin Masası

Industry Lawyer

Juris Law Partnership's video series called "Sector Lawyer" aims to highlight the perspective of business people doing business both in Turkey and in different countries of the world on legal services and, in this sense, the meaning and importance of law from the perspective of industry players. One of our founders, Av. With this video series, Mehmet Tuğberk DEKAK will evaluate the needs and expectations of the sectors regarding legal services with the people who direct the sector, and offer a perspective to the audience on how to make legal services in Turkey more value-added.

İmalat Sektörü ve Avukatlık - Sektörün Avukatı
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Manufacturing Sector and Lawyers

In the first part of our video series, VisioTT Gmbh, based in Germany, operates in the manufacturing sector and mainly exports and imports. The company's partner and sales operations manager, Mr. Özgür GÖMEÇ and one of the founders of Juris Law Firm, Atty. Mehmet Tuğberk DEKAK will evaluate legal services specifically for the sector.

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