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Juris Attorney

Juris aims to provide the highest value through its game-changing technologies and innovative business models with a multi-disciplinary perspective, combined by the sectoral knowledge and experience of its clients.

About Juris

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How Does Juris Provide Value?

The reason for Juris' existence is basically to be "free". Our goal is to provide value in the areas we love, with the people we are happy to work together by going beyond time and space constraints. With our dedicated efforts, we aim to improve ourselves in providing “happiness, success and value" with courage and determination.

Özel Toplantı
Corporate Law and Corporate Governance
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Mergers and Acquisitions
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Information Technologies Law
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Intellectual and Industrial Property
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Özel Toplantı
Practice Areas
Energy and Infrastructure
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Information and Technology
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Banking and Finance
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Capital Markets

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Venture Capital
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E-Commerce Import and Export
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Insurance and Reinsurance
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Defense Industry
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Juris Law Partnership's video series called "Sector Lawyer" aims to highlight the perspective of business people doing business both in Turkey and in different countries of the world on legal services and, in this sense, the meaning and importance of law from the perspective of industry players. One of our founders, Av. With this video series, Mehmet Tuğberk DEKAK will evaluate the needs and expectations of the sectors regarding legal services with the people who direct the sector, and offer a perspective to the audience on how to make legal services in Turkey more value-added.